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i don't need you and i don't need a break

if i wasn't here i'd be out getting laid

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Name:i am one with my insides


jamie, male, gay, intj, enneagram 5, chaotic neutral. aspiring to be a professional writer and i have a novel in progress but i never have my shit together at any given moment. slenderverse has taken over my life, particularly tribetwelve, everymanhybrid, and marblehornets. i write fanfiction for said series as well as other fandoms sometimes (notably stephen king's it). horror is my passion and if there's gore i'm probably into it. honestly i'm just trying to exist in this hellscape we call a reality.


Interests (142):

"hey jay you forgot your flashlight!", "i fell. it hurt.", "i say as i'm on my knees", "jeff do you want some hose? i got plenty of hose", "noah cut me open please", "that kid kicked sand in cool cat's face!", "you moisturize tenderize me..& then what", CAPSLOCK, HABIT, a nightmare on elm street, ace attorney, adventure time, alex kralie, alex/jay, amateur surgery, american horror story, amputation, and then jeff was a the rake, autocannibalism, bates motel, bee movie, being an edgelord, blood, bob's burgers, body horror, boy is tortured by time demons he'll 1 day become, brian/tim, candle cove, cannibalism, channel zero, charlie day, charlie kelly, chuck pahlahniuk, cool cat saves the kids, corpses, creepypasta, criminal psychology, cryptids, dismemberment, eldritch abominations, evan peters, evan/jeff, evan/jeff/noah, evan/noah, everymanhybrid, everyone/noah, ezra miller, firebrand, firebrand/noah, fleshgaits, friday the 13th, gay sexual tension, goatmen, gore, habit, habit/firebrand, habit/firebrand/noah, habit/jeff, habit/noah, halloween, having a cultured taste in creepypasta, he doesn't deserve the sweaty nipples off my back!, hi this is nev from the mtv show catfish, hoodie/masky, horror, horror movies, i'm cool cat and i love all kids!, iasip, it's always sunny, it's always sunny in philadelpia, it's not cool to... paint on someone's wall, jack off jill, jaylex, jeff/noah, jimmy urine, josh dun, keeping the skins, kingdom hearts, knives, kurt cobain, marble hornets, marblehornets, masky, mike wazowski, mindless self indulgence, most people call me vampire these days, mtv scream, nirvana, noah livestreaming his own death, noah maxwell, noah maxwell suffering, observer/noah, pokemon, r/nosleep, removing my own internal organs with precision, richie/eddie, rick/daryl, rickyl, saw, scream, shipping all the gay, shitposting, shock horror, shrek, skinwalkers, slasher movies, slenderman, slenderverse, some people???? commit murder??? to cope??????????, stephen king's it, stranger things, tate langdon, that damn fourth chaos emerald, the hills have eyes, the observer, the operator, the rake, the rake just wants to be loved, the texas chainsaw massacre, the walking dead, the walking dead game, tormenting my original characters, totheark, tribe twelve, tribetwelve, true crime, twd, twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, various homosexual activities, vomit gore, we need to talk about kevin, wendigos, what are these interests even, what would evan jennings do, what would jay merrick do, what would noah maxwell do, when i'm dead just throw me in the trash, your movie sucks, zero escape, zombies, ಠ_ಠ
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